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A little more about me...

Obviously, my name is Ryan.

I was born in Kenya and have lived 25+ years in Africa doing a host of different kid things (studying, drinking coffee, playing lots of soccer) and adult things (studying, drinking coffee, playing lots of soccer ;), but also running financial empowerment and community development programs, running a few businesses in Africa, doing spiritual direction, and teaching theology etc). 

I also get to play the wonderful roles of husband and dad being that I have a lovely wife-partner and three beautiful girls.

My studies (business, theology, and psychology) have led me to recognize the need to untangle ego attachments and beliefs about myself, God and others. In the process, I utilized a number of practices that created enough space for Spirit/my Higher Self to shift thought patterns, beliefs and ultimately create a more peace-filled way of Being.

I absolutely love chatting about anything spiritual (which turns out to be "everything") and walking with folk through the process of spiritual awareness, deconstruction, spiritual crisis and/or the undoing of thought/emotional patterns that prohibit living from the core essence of light that we all are.

If you'd be keen to chat about anything mentioned above (or anything else for that matter), get in touch!

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